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  • Meet Emma Gough

    I had the privilege and honor of getting to know Emma Gough (pronounced like cough) for this article. She is a delightful girl of many talents which will be well put to use in TCP.

    Emma lives in Georgia with her mom, dad, younger sister, a cat that is older than her, a kitten, and a small dog. She says, "The old cat and I are bestest of friends. She has raised me well." The cats name is Bunny and is pictured here with Emma. Emma's birthday is January 8th, and she is 16 years old.

    Emma works, not as a columnist or an editor for The Cracked Pot, but rather as an artist! "I can write, but given the option, I'd rather not. I'll let the picture do the talking." She is 100% self taught and especially enjoys drawing and painting. Her mother saw that they needed more artists for the column and immediately thought of Emma, as this is a way for her to use her artistry skills for TPS!

    This year at TPS Emma is enrolled in Brit Lit, Latin 3/4, and Pre-Calculus. About her classes this year, she stated, I absolutely love Latin. I don't like math, but Mrs. Nelson is amazing. I can do math, but given the choice I won't do it." If she had the time and resources to learn to do anything, she would learn to write flawlessly, as that would be particularly handy even after TPS.

    Outside of TPS, Emma has other hobbies that occupy her time. Most of her time is spent training in traditional karate. As she says, Eat. Sleep. Karate. REPEAT. She's even a member of the 2014/15 United States Karate Team. She also plays the piano, further adding, "I play in the worship team of my homeschool co-op and I play classical piano. Ive done that for ten years now." Emma wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up, explaining, I just love animals and I also love people, and I think that sharing the love of Christ is something that we are all called to as children of God, and this would be a chance to blend my love of animals and my love of God together."

    When asked a random fact about herself, Emma said, "I put red pepper flakes in a lot of food. I dont like waffles or pancakes, unless they have chocolate chips in them. I will cook, but I always tell people, I only cook because I like to eat." She also added that "believe it or not, even though [she's] a city person, Duck Dynasty never fails to entertain [her]."

    About traveling, Emma says, "I must admit, Im not a traveler. I like to be at home. But if I could go anywhere, Id go to Rome or Japan."

    On a more serious note, I asked Emma for her heroes and a favorite quote or two. Emma says, "I have a lot of heroes. My parents, both of them, are huge role models for me. And my sister, even though shes younger than me, shes older than me in many ways. Also the teachers in my life."

    Emma's favorite quote that comes to mind is: Lock me in a dungeon and give me a Bible, and I will tell you whats going on in the world.- Unknown

    "This quote reminds me," she goes on, "that the Bible has everything you need for life. And so it is all you need."

    Also, her karate teacher once imparted very wise words to her: Skill isnt a stopping point; its always getting better.

    Emma says, "Dont ever stop, because in everything you do, even in your relationship with Christ, you can never stop growing and improving."

    Overall, Emma is a wonderful young lady, filled with a spark for life and an interest in many different things. She loves Christ wholeheartedly and looks to serve Him in all her endeavors.

    I'm looking forward to working with Emma in The Cracked Pot
    this year and getting to know her more and more!