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    Have you been looking for an opportunity to deepen your connection with God’s heart for the lost and hurting? Travel with TPS to Thailand and Laos, to provide a VBS-style children’s program, work alongside ministries in Laos, assist with community outreach projects, spend time at a local kindergarten, and more! Click here for the complete information brochure.

    Here’s what some of the participants from last year had to say about this trip:

    “This trip really challenged my ability to just let God take over and lead, because we all have this image of what we think a mission trip is and what you should do on one. For me it was physical labor, but instead God decided that we all needed to worship and spend time with the people themselves - not just serve them.”

    “I felt I was re-challenged again after a while of being stagnant. The devotions were great and challenging. I think the debriefing was a great time to breathe and think about what had just happened and be prepared for the next adventure!”

    “To put it concisely, the leadership was phenomenal! Responsible, knowledgeable, capable, experienced; it could not have been better. But not only were they good planners, but good shepherds of the flock. They cared for emotional needs as well as physical ones.”

    Click here to see a video re-cap of last year’s Laos trip.

    I'm sold! So when do we leave? The approximate dates of the trip are October 11th through 26th, 2016.

    Who can go? Students ages 14 and up, siblings, parents, and teachers. All interested participants must apply and be accepted. We are happy to consider applications from friends, alumni and college students on a case-by-case basis.

    Ready to apply? More questions? Click here for the complete brochure, or write us an email. You can even request a phone call – we’re glad to talk with you about this great trip! ...

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